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Megaplex and Bronycon

Two conventions. One Week Apart. This will be a new experience! I’ll have a table for both. Wouldn’t mind hanging out with new people and old friends. I’m looking forward to seeing the dance competition again at MP, because it was my favorite event last time. I miss South Florida a lot. It has a different atmosphere from where I live in the Panhandle. I’ll be driving down and rooming with Youkai.

Planning on skipping the convention on Sunday to go to Disney! It’d be the perfect way to end it all. Hoping they still do the “Wishes” show, because of all the feels. >__<

I’m not really sure what to do at Bronycon, because Baltimore is a new city… I’ll be rooming with Illustrious Q, and cosplaying as Celestia in the evening. I’ll probably stick to sketch commissions for that convention, but I’m open for anything.

Pre-Orders for Badges

I’m looking into maybe taking on a few badge commissions before Megaplex and Bronycon! What I’m really interested in is MLP badges. So, I will give that priority if anybody wants to pre-order to pick up at the convention. Or let me display their character badge at Bronycon. Please inquire with a note if interested. Otherwise, I have some ideas for samples.


Spending three days in Japan was the last span of my trip in April. If I had to describe Tokyo, it was very…grey. Anime lies! However, the city is very colorful at night. I did not find it “that” expensive. There are exceptions to this rule like soda and other misc items. It was around $7 for a small glass and no refills. I don’t think so. You are much better off sticking to the vending machines, and drinking hot tea. Also, discovered that I can actually stand to eat cake, but it can’t be loaded with sugar like it is here in the United States. You have to try a strawberry cake AKA ichigo keki! I’ll have to try and bake it one day.

Copic markers are like 50% off compared to what you can buy them for in the US. So, I stocked up. on. everything. If you go to Ita-Yo in Ginza, you can get a tax exemption if you intend to bring supplies out of the country! I got $30 back from taxes, and all you have to do is hand the form they staple to your passport to customs when you leave the country. :)

Language was a problem, but you’d be surprised what you can get away with in body language. I’ve watched enough subbed television to pick up a few phrases and words. (I freaked my Mom out by how much language I knew…) My technique was basically spit out a few words, and hopefully they could string it together to make a coherent sentence. It worked most of the time! Everybody is hyper polite over there. It makes you very self aware of your decision making.

Transportation was pretty easy, too. I’ve ridden the subway before in NYC, so it wasn’t much different. There was one time I couldn’t figure out the machine on the JR line, and I had to track down a help desk to print out tickets for us. Luckily, I knew the word for ticket was “kippu!” So, city/place – kippu – number of tickets. It worked out! The lady at the counter seemed happy to help, and you really can't be shy to try and attempt to communicate. As long as you have a map, and have a good sense of direction, the city is yours.

The places I went were Ginza, Akihabara, Shibuya, and Mitaka. I could have went to visit more places, but I was with my mother and she can only do so much in one day. It was nice to go at a slow pace though. I’d definitely visit again! Next time, I’ll venture out and go to places like Kyoto. It’ll be awhile before the next visit, because lolmoney. My friends need a bit of time to save up for it, too.


Who likes scuba diving? I really enjoyed Philippines/Guam for diving!

The two types of dives that we experienced were the drift dive and the wall dives.

Drift diving is when the current is too fast underwater to swim against, so you let it carry you while you look around at the scenery. I only went on one of these, and there wasn’t much too look at. I learned that they used to blow up reefs with dynamite to go fishing, which would explain why that area was so barren. Also, saw some huge white and black tipped sharks on that dive, but they stayed far away from us. (Yes, stay over there. Good shark.) When we got to the end of the drift, we kind of misjudged how far out we were, and ended up in blue water. It’s pretty freaking scary. I don’t own a dive computer, and my depth gauge didn’t work. I had to rely on someone else to give a good depth perception. It is very disorienting, because you have nothing to judge your bearings.

Wall diving is when you go on the reef to the part where it drops off into the deep ocean. It’s probably my favorite, and it’s like you are flying underwater along the cliffs. There’s also a lot to look at, and plenty of crawl spaces for aquatics. It’s kind of like being in Ariel’s Grotto.

Maybe next time I'll visit Canada!

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