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Its Gotta Be Shiny Stamp by spud100Roxas by Ellexon:: Love for every OC :: by LuaSentinel
Friendship IS Magic by MistrallaDiscordIa by endlerCheesePie Fan Stamp by Twiinyan

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Commissions 2015

Fri Mar 27, 2015, 8:58 AM


Commission Info
FREE Bubbles Status Buttons: Commissions are OPEN by koffeelam
FREE Bubbles Status Buttons: Trades are CLOSED by koffeelam
FREE Bubbles Status Buttons: Requests are CLOSED by koffeelam


Robu 2 by Emoji-kun

Commissions will open on April 1st, 2015 at 6PM!

Types of Commissions offered during 2015:


FWA 2013 Badges by TigsieFWA 2013 Pokemon Badges by TigsieFWA 2012 - Everybody Else Badges by Tigsie
MLPFIM Bronycon 2014 Badges by Tigsie
Eppo Adorable Badge by Tigsie
Syl and Cherry Team Up Pokemon Badges by TigsieGorehund's Turbo-Tastic! by Tigsie

Medallion Style (Circular Small Head of Character with Simple Name): $25:bulletred:
:bulletred:My Little Pony Style: $30:bulletred:
:bulletred:Simple Character Cute Style: $30:bulletred:
:bulletred:Bust with Hands Holding Name: $40:bulletred:
:bulletred:Half Body or Featuring Tail: $45:bulletred:
:bulletred:Pokemon Trainer Convention Badge: $60 (Extra Pokemon for $10 more.):bulletred:
All badges are hand illustrated, laminated, and come with a clip. Custom themes are available upon request.

Shipping for this item is $5
International Shipping for this item is $10
Note for Conventions: During conventions my badges tend to fill up rather quickly on my to-do-list. There is often so much workload that I cannot finish them all within a weekend. If you want a guaranteed badge to wear at a convention that I am attending please note me in advance. Depending on my workload I can have it ready for the beginning of the con. I usually reach my quota by Friday, so please visit me on this day if you couldn't do the internet payment option. Badges drawn for international customers will take priority, but must pay shipping if commissioned later in the weekend.

:bulletred: Custom Art Trading Card: $20:bulletred:
Art Cards - Latios and Latias by Tigsie
Art Cards - Char Cards by Tigsie
Shipping for this item is $5.
International Shipping for this item is $10

:bulletred:Complex Illustrations: Rough Estimations Given:bulletred:
Toby's New Outfit by Tigsie
Simple or Non-Complicated Character: $60

Cheers to Us by TigsieOld - Aloha, Beautiful by TigsieOld - By Your Side by Tigsie
Simple 2 Character Interaction: $85

Keith's Spring Break by TigsieTwilight Beach Stroll by Tigsie
Simple 2 Character Interaction + Simple Background: $100

Lots of Detail +$15
Extreme Detailed Backgrounds +$25
Mature Themes like Full Frontal Nudity +$15
No Reference or need Character Design? +25
Shipping for this item is $10.
International Shipping for this item is $15.

Captain Leo Dreadclaw Ironclad Reference by Tigsie   Markus Ironclad Reference by Tigsie   Tuggy Skunk Character Sheet by Tigsie   Dr. Pepper by Tigsie
:bulletred:Full Character Reference Sheet: $100+:bulletred:
Front, Side, and ¾ View
Can draw T-Pose or Posed upon Request.
$10 per Expression
$5 per Foot or Hand Reference.
Other references not required. (Obviously!) 
Shipping for this item is $10.
International Shipping for this item is $15.
Convention Note: I accept these commissions at conventions, but they have to be shipped after the convention.

Important Notices!
1. I have a business license for the city of Pensacola, Florida. Some of the commission money will be going to pay for American Taxes and Social Security. 
2. I reserve the right to turn down any commission without explanation.
3. All commissioners will receive a receipt of their purchase from my store. (You can also use Paypal as Proof of Purchase.) You can make transactions through cynwaller @, Deviantart Notes, Furaffinity Notes, or Text Messages. If for some reason the commission is not complete within a year's time you have the right to demand a full refund.
4. If for some reason you do not want the original copy of the artwork commissioned, I have the right to resell it. The character itself will not be sold, just the artwork itself. Copyright information will be written on the back of the piece to prevent further confusion. The owner of one of my commissions also has the right to resell my artwork.
5. I am okay with drawing copyrighted characters. I do not claim ownership of them, and the commissioner is just paying for the drawing itself.
6. If you do not have a reference to a character or an idea that is fine. Just provide a full detailed description of what you want, but it will cost extra.
7. Please keep in mind that I also work a 40+ hour salary job. Thank you for understanding!
8. I am okay with drawing gay, lesbians, and transgenders.

How it Works!
1. Send me an email or a note about your commission request.
2. Discussion of payment is conversed. Phone numbers or contact information is exchanged.
3. Send payment to cynwaller @ through PAYPAL. I also accept Money Orders. Do not send cash in the mail!!! I am not responsible for that if it gets lost or stolen.
4. You will receive a receipt of your purchase. Do not lose it!
5. Depending on what commission you ordered you will receive a picture of the drawing in an email or a text on your phone. If it is a very extensively detailed commission, I will note you on the progress.
6. Once everything is settled you can send me your address if you payed for shipping. If you are not comfortable with the security on Deviantart or Furaffinity you can send it to my gmail account.
7. The commission is mailed out.

Refunds? OH NOES!
1. I can terminate a contract with a client at any time, but this entails of giving refunds. This does not cover Paypal fees.
2. Like stated earlier, if for whatever reason I have not worked on your commission within a year, you can request a refund. Actually, I probably will give you one by then if it takes that long. I consider this my fault and will cover the Paypal fee.
3. If you just really loath the finished product, I can only offer you a 25% refund. The other 75% went to paying for the supplies and time on the project. Copics are $8 a piece, and they don't last long. Paypal will take out a fee though. Sorry.
4. I spelled your name wrong on a badge? My bad. I'll redo that for free, or perform what I like to call badge surgery.

Best Contact Method
Let me just say that I am pretty bad at getting back at notes on a timely manner, which is why I prefer contact through PHONE! I reply really fast to text messages because of a slight smartphone addiction, and can send you WIP shots of artwork through texts. If you get charged $$$ for texts PLEASE inform me, so I will send you screenshots to your email! 

I hope that sounds simple enough. Not sure about anything written above? Write me and ask questions.


Tigsie has started a donation pool!
1 / 1,000
Raising points to give out CAKE Badges!

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    Donated Jan 3, 2015, 12:06:24 AM


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